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RSG in PHL's Biometric Pilot

ReadySeeGo, Synect’s solution for quick, easy digital signage, is helping passengers at airports across the country. The latest implementation of the solution is at Philadelphia International Airport (PHL), where it appears as part of a 45-day pilot of biometric screening technologies at three international gates.

Raising Awareness of Biometrics

Helpful, instructional signage informs passengers about the biometric program. ReadySeeGo digital signage totems display multimedia content that raises passenger awareness of the biometric cameras and gives international travelers instructions for their use. This helps facilitate passenger flow, decreases the need for gate agents to use the passenger address (PA) system, and enhances passengers' experience of the program. The content is bilingual to accommodate international travelers.

Building a Sense of Place

In addition to educational content about the biometric program, the ReadySeeGo totems display gate and airline wayfinding information, flight information, and localized digital signage content. The localized content celebrates Philadelphia landmarks around, including the iconic Liberty Bell and Independence Hall.

ReadySeeGo is a mobile, self-enclosed, turnkey digital signage solution comprised of hardware, software, and custom content created by Synect.

"We are proud to collaborate with Philadelphia International Airport and Faith Group on this project," Synect Chief Operating Officer Assaf Margalit said. "The airport is a world-class global gateway, and we're pleased to see Synect's ReadySeeGo solution helping deliver a world-class experience of their innovative biometric program."

How could ReadySeeGo help your passengers? Contact us at to find out.

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