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RSG at McCarran, TSA Checkpoint

Synect’s streamlined digital signage solution for the transportation industry has been implemented at McCarran International Airport. Eight ReadySeeGo totems displaying visual communications content have been deployed at two locations inside the airport. Four of the new digital signs are in the standard checkpoint at McCarran’s Terminal 3 and four totems are located in the new Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Innovation Checkpoint. The Innovation Checkpoint is a dedicated area at McCarran where the TSA evaluates and demonstrates new technology in a live airport environment.

Plug-and-play digital signage and content

ReadySeeGo is a self-contained digital signage canvas that can be easily deployed anywhere there is a standard wall outlet, and it includes a starter pack of custom content for each unique airport or client. It is a plug-and-play digital signage and content package for airports and the transportation industry.

And ReadySeeGo’s launch at McCarran couldn’t come at a better time. The totems will be featured during a tour of the TSA’s Innovation Checkpoint at McCarran occurring in tandem with FTE Global 2019, which kicks off tomorrow. The tours, happening today, will be given by the TSA Innovation Task Force (ITF) and McCarran representatives. These tours will help airport leaders assess ReadySeeGo and other emerging technologies inside of a live airport environment.

In their press release, the TSA states: "Travelers can expect to see new digital signage as they enter the Innovation Checkpoint. The display towers allow TSA to digitally convey important travel information and reminders such as divesting procedures and estimated wait times. The technology enables TSA to quickly modify the information based on real-time events in the security checkpoint.

The ReadySeeGo display towers and security checkpoint digital content by Synect will also be featured in the TSA’s Innovation Task Force booth A13 at FTE Global September 4 through September 6, 2019.

“We are extremely excited about the collaboration with TSA and McCarran International Airport,” Synect founder and CEO Yahav Ran says. “We created ReadySeeGo to make digital signage easier and more effective for both airports and passengers. We’re thrilled to see how our content and technology is driving innovation at the security checkpoint. We encourage FTE attendees to see it and learn more about what fast, effective digital signage implementations can do for their passengers.”

Interested in ReadySeeGo? Email to set up a meeting at FTE or ACI-NA. Learn more or make a general inquiry here at

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