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Better, Faster Checkpoints

Updated: May 14, 2019

Ah, the security checkpoint. Passengers’ least favorite place inside the airport and a source of headaches for airport operators everywhere. Long, unknown wait times, ever-changing security protocols, shouting agents, canines, and the omni-present fear of getting stuck in security sends passenger anxiety sky high. Sprawling lines and a disorderly checkpoint can give airports bad customer service marks and customer complaints to spare—for an area that’s not under their direct control.

It’s bad. But it doesn’t have to be like that, which is why we created ReadySeeGo, a streamlined digital signage solution and content package that can be implemented in a day.

ReadySeeGo is a quick, effective digital signage solution for the security checkpoint.

The totems come with predefined experiences that are customized for each client. One option is a scenario for the security checkpoint that enhances passenger experience while helping airports bring order to the checkpoint environment.

The ReadySeeGo solution was used by TSA at San Francisco International Airport (SFO) during the recent rollout of their new Automated Screening Lanes (ASLs). ReadySeeGo delivered an enhanced passenger experience and improved throughput at the ASLs. Instructions helped passenger navigate the new ASLs and prepare for screening. This decreased wait times by increasing the amount of people who arrived fully divested, and it helped agents focus on screening passengers. Engaging animations captured passengers’ attention, and dynamic, estimated wait times were displayed on the totems—further decreasing perceived wait times.

In addition to an effective digital signage content package that helped ensure a successful rollout of the new screening lanes, the totems were used to deliver seasonal content and celebrate holiday travel. Combined with the totem’s small footprint and portable, self-enclosed design, ReadySeeGo was the perfect solution to decrease passenger stress and increase TSA throughput at SFO’s security checkpoint.

Learn more about this new solution from Synect at or by emailing

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