• Alison Weber

ReadySeeGo Has Arrived

Updated: May 14, 2019

ReadySeeGo Totems Digital Signage in a Day

Deploying a digital signage solution takes time. Planning, infrastructure, installation, and other dependencies pile up, becoming expensive barriers to a quick, cost-effective implementation. But what if you need a solution fast?

ReadySeeGo is digital signage in a day.

Synect is proud to introduce ReadySeeGo, a new product that enables digital transformation of a space in one day. ReadySeeGo is an easy, immersive, and modern visual communications solution. The totems are a self-contained structure that is easy to place and easy to move. Predefined experiences can be easily customized by Synect's in-house studio for easy digital signage content. Busy airports can use ReadySeeGo to quickly and efficiently implement digital signage to address their real-time activity, making it an on-demand platform for passenger engagement and visual communications. Busy shops can implement digital signage to engage customers and boost sales.

The ReadySeeGo totems are flexible and easily implemented. From a more effective security checkpoint, to crowd control, to custom messaging, unique experiences, and more, the possibilities are truly endless.

Send us an email at inquiries@synectmedia.com to get more information about ReadySeeGo and digital signage in a day .

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