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Digital Signage in a Day

Updated: May 14, 2019

ReadySeeGo Easy Airport Digital Signage for Security

Is digital signage working at your airport? Often these projects struggle along the lines of content, complexity, and budget.

Digital signage used to be hard.

Over the years Synect has heard many new clients report similar challenges with their previous digital signage implementations:

  1. It was too hard. Planning, infrastructure, construction, procurement, and other dependencies piled up, becoming barriers to a quick, cost-effective implementation. With timelines of months or even years, some even opted for low-tech methods to communicate with passengers, like static signs or employee-staffed help centers.

  2. It was too expensive. Screens, hardware, and software were just the tip of the iceberg. Content, support, maintenance, and more all added to a hefty total cost of ownership—making it hard for buyers to know what they were getting into and fund the project appropriately.

  3. The content fell flat. All the infrastructure, hardware, software, effort, and cost that go into a digital signage project exist for one reason: the effective display of engaging, beautiful visual communications content. But content often became an afterthought, buried under the challenges above and pieced together without genuine strategy or expertise.

We believe in the power of digital signage, and we love to see it work. This is why we created ReadySeeGo, a streamlined solution that can be implemented in a day.

ReadySeeGo can be easily deployed anywhere there’s a standard wall outlet, and it includes a starter pack of pre-created custom content for each unique airport environment. It’s the fastest path to an effective, efficient digital signage rollout. A three-year program, including warranty, support, and flexible content packages, makes ReadySeeGo the easiest digital signage program to maintain and operate.

ReadySeeGo makes digital signage easy.

This exciting new product is:

  1. Content Ready. Flexible content packages that include predefined experiences that are customized for each client, which means airports are ready to take off on day one with beautiful, effective media. But ReadySeeGo keeps clients prepared for the day after, with packages that ensure the visual communications stay fresh and relevant. From crowd control, directional wayfinding, passenger routing, branded experiences, emergency messaging, seasonal content, campaigns, and more, these totems offer airports the visual communication capabilities they need, when and where they need it.

  2. Installation Ready. The totems are a self-contained structure that is easy to place and easy to move. A small footprint means ReadySeeGo works in any environment, and a hassle-free, plug-and-play set-up means it can be deployed when and where it’s needed, with no dependencies on construction. All that’s required is a standard outlet.

  3. Procurement Ready. ReadySeeGo is the most cost-effective digital solution available. Flexible lease-to-own options make it easier than ever for airports to implement digital signage. The all-inclusive approach of the ReadySeeGo totems mean that stakeholders know upfront what they are getting into and what the total cost of ownership is. The cost even includes content and support.

All of this means airports can get up and running with impactful digital signage fast. Get more information by emailing today.

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