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Wayfinding On Demand

Updated: May 14, 2019

Please pardon our dust. Detour ahead. Facility closed. Let’s face it—things happen. So how can airports ease passengers through these scenarios and help them navigate a changing environment.

Quick and Easy Digital Signage for Wayfinding On Demand

Using the new ReadySeeGo totems by Synect, airports can easily set-up effective digital signage to steer passengers through the space with intuitive glance-and-go content. The ReadySeeGo totems are a streamlined digital signage solution that can be implemented in a day. Each one is self-contained structure that is easy to place and easy to move. A small footprint means ReadySeeGo works in any environment, and a hassle-free, plug-and-play set-up means it can be deployed when and where it’s needed.

Delivering intuitive directional messages is a key capability of the ReadySeeGo totems. Because the solution is designed to be free of dependencies on construction and infrastructure, it’s an effective way to address construction, surprise facility closures, and similar changes to passenger routing. ReadySeeGo is an on-demand wayfinding platform that enhances operational capabilities and decreases passenger anxiety.

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